Details for Vista SP2 leaked

Photo by onion83.

Details of the second service pack for Microsoft’s beleaguered operating system have been leaked on a well known software blog. These details suggest that SP2 will include fixes for numerous problems in Vista including what are described as several SRIs (suckiness related issues), DUIs, MRIs and UTIs. It also appears that SP2 will incorporate an entirely new filing system codenamed greenbelt. This will be 67% less efficient than NTFS but will be 3% more environmentally friendly. It is also expected to offer a number of fixes for problems that MS has not yet invented. No details of a release date at present but our own MS source tells us that it should be well before the release of SP1 but sometime after Windows 7. We tried to contact Microsoft for an official statement. They told us they would ring us back but we have heard nothing since. We can only assume that their reply has been delayed and put back by 5 years.


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