NASA to put first man on Sun by 2030

Former Glories.

NASA has today announced that it will be working towards putting a man on the Sun before the end of the third decade of the 21st century. “We are already looking at going back to the moon, and this would be the natural progression,” stated William Ducting, the scientist who dreamed up the idea and is now leading the team working on it. He continued : “This is going to be a long and difficult process – do not think that we have underestimated it, but if we don’t do it other nations such as China will. It is a matter of national pride.” Ducting refused to be drawn into answering some of the obvious practical questions ( such as how could a human being possibly survive the surface temperature/radiation etc). It also remains to be seen if NASA in its current guise can fulfill such an extraordinary ambition in the 22 years it has allotted itself.


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