Apple Announces Macbook Hair – the world’s thinnest and narrowest notebook

February 25, 2008

Apple has revealed details of its upcoming ultra-narrow notebook the Macbook Hair which at only 0.004 inches in width and thickness is comparable to a human hair. The new notebook has been made possible due to a number of advances in miniaturization and some interesting compromises. The number of ports on the machine have been cut down to zero. It also lacks a built in monitor, any on board memory or a CPU. It instead relies on the user’s imagination and own ability to store and process information. It also uses a unique interface involving middle-fingered gesturing which has been described as completely revolutionary. Prices for the machine will start at $300000 for the basic version rising up to $5000000 for the highest spec version which is a full hair’s breadth faster. Apple expects to sell at least 5 trillion machines by the end of April 2008. A definite release date has not been announced but Apple says it will be “sometime in May 2008”.