Sony Pulls Out of Blu-ray

February 26, 2008


In a shocking new move in the high definition format wars, Sony has announced that it will pull out of the Blu-Ray Alliance. A spokesperson for Sony said “We were completely taken by surprise when Blu-Ray won the format war and HD DVD died. It completely ruined our three decade policy of backing the wrong format. Right now we will go back, regroup and decide what else we can do to ensure Blu-ray’s failure. We still have authority over the specifications for the Blu-Ray format and are considering making a number of changes in the BD 2.5 specifications.” There has been debate about what these specification changes could include. Our own Sony insider who blogs under the pseudonym of mental monkey says that he has heard BD2.5 might demand iris-scanning and anal probing to be built into future hardware and that this will be tightly integrated into some form of extreme DRM. “Sony has spent years refining the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They can definitely turn things around – look at what they did with the playstation – could anyone have predicted PS3’s poor performance 5 years ago?”